Thinking of joining our QREW?


Are you also passionate about testing? Do you want to work across multiple industries on different projects?


ADDQ Systems creates complete systems for customers for all areas of industry and across all of the product development stages. Working for us will develop your technical skills, broaden your experience and have you managing your own projects. So if you are looking for a future in testing, start by getting in contact with us today!



Changing industries require changing employees. We offer dedicated development time so you can improve your skills.


Anyone can organize an activity and attend the activities that they like. We do everything from VR games to wine tasting. What is your passion?


We offer two yearly conferences to broaden your industry knowledge. In addition to our own ADDQ Systems trips.


We are redefining the phrase 'work friend'. We are a well coordinated, friendly group of people; both inside and outside of the office.


Here at ADDQ we have a unique company culture. Our focus is on helping our customers achieve their goals and making a world that works! We put our employees first and have worked to create a strong company spirit. We know that if we expect the best results from you, you expect the best from us! 


To do this, we've changed the way our company works. Employees are responsible for budgeting work equipment and purchasing what best suits their needs. We've removed the traditional hierarchical management structure, with each team member managing their own projects. 


We also organize regular international conferences and local events - everything from medieval sword-fighting to indoor skydiving.

Being a small team means you'll be working closely with your colleagues on larger projects. We are a friendly bunch of engineers, with over 100 years of combined experience in the testing industry. Many of us have worked for companies such as Ericsson or Endevo. We have specialized in different areas or software and rely on each other for expertise and sarcastic commentary.

We are the ADDQ Systems team!

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Mats Backlund

ADDQ Systems CEO

Mats Backlund divides his time between working on test systems and acting as ADDQ Systems's sales co-ordinator.

Mattias Ericsson

R&D Manager, Architect

Mattias Ericsson has over 10 years of experience working for ADDQ Systems and is a lead developer behind ADDQ's software range.

Christopher Hyde

Systems Architect, Instructor

Chris Hyde has previously worked for NI, the creator of LabVIEW. He teaches NI courses between working on test systems.


We're always on the lookout for talented engineers regardless of their background or experience. Get in touch with us about one of our open positions or send us an open application. We are looking for candidates that are driven, hard working and curious.


Please note, that you must have the right to live and work in Sweden to apply.

Test Developer

Location: Göteborg

Experience: Graduate or Early Career

You will primarily be working in-house assisting and then creating complete testing solutions (from design to result management).


Systems Architect

Location: Göteborg

Experience: Background in Testing or R&D

You will be responsible for creating complete test systems, budget/time management and developing new products/services.


Test System Seller

Experience: Background in Engineering Sales

In the aerospace industry, test systems often need large amounts of high voltage/current channels. Often, products undergo continuous development and test systems must adapt to reflect these changes.



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