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Test Software

Choosing the right software solution for your test system makes it easier to create, run and maintain testing. Making the development more efficient.


We provide instrumentation and fixture solution for PCBA testing and other kind of specialized fixtures for your low or high volume production.

EOL Tests

End of line tests validates the product’s functionality and quality and are usually performed before the product is sent to a customer.

Want us to develop your system for production tests?

Testing components and assemblies during production will ensure both cost-effectiveness and consistent product quality.

What kind of solution your production test system needs depends on your production volume and your products complexity. Over the years we have accumulated knowledge, tools and solutions enabling us to quickly determine what is needed and to develop test systems for all productions.

As far as we can, we choose solutions that we have already successfully used in other projects. Software, test procedures and measuring methods developed in our previous projects can usually be reused and we purchase cabinets, fixtures and instruments from well-known suppliers. This enables us to focus on customer and product-specific parts of the test systems.


Mats Backlund
Test & Measurement

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R&D Test Systems

Measure, control and monitor your products with QMAX, our highly scalable tool for test cell automation. QMAX is a modular software for data acquisition, logging and test sequencing.

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Test Result Management

Store, analyse and present the data from your test results with our web based result management system QRM. The system can easily be configured to match your IT infrastructure.