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The test does also determine the function of the product making sure that it fulfils its intended purpose. The tests are also designed to test the operating limits of the product and that it fulfills the designers and, if needed, regulatory requirements. This can be done by the means of functional test and/or ICT (In-Circuit Test).

A well-designed test will ensure the quality of the product and increase the likelihood that the product will withstand aging properly. Important aspects are:

  • Size – Sizes of system depending on volume from standalone fixture, changeable fixtures and up to inline testers.
  • Flexible Solution– Easy to modify and expand.
  • Flash programming– ISP (In-System Programmer), Boundary scan or self-programming. The solution depends on the software size, build in functions and speed requirements.
  • Function test– Start the product and test all functions, including programming of CPUs, calibration, communications and measurements.
  • Parallel testing– Ability to run many products in parallel to reduce time and cost.
  • Software – Software developing in LabVIEW using QATS.
  • BIST (Programmable Built-In Self Test) – Tests executed internally by the products CPU are fast, reliable and sometimes the only option.
  • Result Management– easy to store test reports and analyze production with ADDQs QRM – Quality Result Management

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Test software

Test Software

Choosing the right software solution for your test system makes it easier to create, run and maintain testing. Making the development more efficient.


EOL Tests

End of line tests validates the product’s functionality and quality and are usually performed before the product is sent to a customer.