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We have many years of experience developing software and mainly uses our own developed software platform solution called QATS – Quality Automated Test Software. Customization of existing applications or special purpose built software is also an option. Our ambition is to always find the best software solution for your needs. Important aspects are:

  • User Friendly– easy for the operator to control.
  • Maintainability– easy to maintain and support without deep software knowledge
  • Flexibility and Scalability– easy to adapt software to new products and hardware platforms.
  • Customization– easy to customize software to your specific production flow.
  • Automation – easy to add automation depending of your needs and production volume.
  • Parallel Testing – easy to implement parallel testing to reduce testing time.
  • Result Management– easy to store test reports and analyze production with ADDDs QRM – Quality Result Management
  • Integration to other systems– easy to integrate with site specific existing production systems.

Mats Backlund
Test & Measurement

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We provide instrumentation and fixture solution for PCBA testing and other kind of specialized fixtures for your low or high volume production.


EOL Tests

End of line tests validates the product’s functionality and quality and are usually performed before the product is sent to a customer.