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Measure, control and monitor your products with QMAX, our software for test cell automation, data acquisition, logging and test sequencing.

Login, build  and run your tests

QMAX is a scalable tool for test cell automation, meaning that our system engineers can help you with customer adaptations.

Stay up to date no matter where you’re at

The run window is being shown during the tests. This is where you see the run times, test sequences, graphs, measuring instruments and alarm status, but notifications are available via e-mail, SMS or dialog.

Create test reports

See the test reports directly in the application and save them as word documents or export them to a PDF.

A QMAX System consists of:

  • QMAX HMI (human-machine interface) available for PC or mobile phones. It offers user panels for system configuration, sample configuration, sequence editing, sample monitoring, real-time presentation of measurement data in graphs and gauge.
  • A QMAX Engine which manages all measuring, controlling, monitoring and sequence execution. The engine is run on a real-time computing system such as as cRIO  or PXI. For lighter applications using only a PC can be sufficient.

Want to try QMAX?

The application is modular and easily adapted to your needs. You might start off with a simple logger application and add on extra functions for measuring more parameters to the application when needed.

Production Test Systems

Ensure that your final product is working the way you intended before the product reaches your customers.
Let us deliver your system for product testing!

Result management widget

Test Result Management

Store, analyse and present the data from your test results with our web based result management system QRM. The system can easily be configured to match your IT infrastructure.