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Design and Development


Let one of our specialists in system design define your needs and propose several solutions, based on your requirements and wishes.
If you have an existing system that needs to be altered due to changes in needs, a pre-study can determine the costs of refactoring versus the costs of replacing your system.

New System

When designing a new system we often choose solutions that we have already successfully used in other projects, making the process of building your new system cheaper, faster and more reliable than starting from scratch.
We usually use our own developed software and design and acquire the hardware you need together with our partners.

Project Management

All projects require time for project leading, even when you are developing a small system, since the internal work and the work of suppliers need to be coordinated.
Our specialists can help you coordinate the work as a part of your business, bringing with them our agreements with different suppliers making it easier for you to find good suppliers.

Refactoring and Further Development

If you already have your own test or measurement system but need to adjust it due to new needs, our architects and designers can help you adjust the software parts of your system.
We always recommend a pre-study to determine the cost for the adjustments versus the costs of replacing your system with one based on our own developed software.

Education and Support


Once a system is implemented we can train your staff to handle the test or measurement system, as well as to handle maintenance and further development of the system or offer a service and support agreement.


A test design specialist can assist you in all phases of you product development; helping you find what to test, how to design your product fot test and help you to design your system (software and hardware) so that it can evolve together with your product.

Service and Support

Even well-built systems will in time need adjustments and replacement of parts. We offer different service and support agreements where we will handle issues when needed and/or training for your staff to handle the maintenance of your system.


We have a team of software test specialists that can ensure that your test system is reliable. If you choose to outsource your test systems to us, we will take care of the maintenance and adjust the system as your products evolve.

Business Models

Time and Materials

This model with variable costs is recommended when there are important uncertainties. We will do an estimation of the cost for materials and hours spent beforehand, but since all costs cannot be foreseen your final cost might be higher or lower than our estimation.

Fixed Price

In this model you will know your exact costs beforehand and we will take the risk for unexpected extra costs and delays. Often a contract can consist of both a fixed price and variable costs. With a turn-key solution we deliver a complete test or measurement system to you, including everything from doing a pre-study to design and service and support.

Support Agreement

With our service and support agreement you are entitled to personal support from our test engineers. The support agreements vary from system to system, and can be customised after your need for.

Test Systems

Learn more about our turn-key solutions, developed in-house by our test engineering specialists.

Production Test Systems

Ensure that your final product is working the way you intended before the product reaches your customers. Let us deliver your system for product testing during production!

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R&D Test Systems

Measure, control and monitor your products with QMAX, our highly scalable tool for test cell automation. QMAX is a modular software for data acquisition, logging and test sequencing.

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Test Result Management

Store, analyse and present the data from your test results with our web based result management system QRM. The system can easily be configured to match your IT infrastructure.


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Test & Measurement

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