Test and Measurement Services


We offer a wide variety of different services as shown below. If you have a project or task which doesn't fall into these areas but you think we could still help you, please reach out to us for a discussion. 

Test Systems

Test systems can be the difference between a successful product launch or a problematic one. Whether testing in production or in R&D, ADDQ can help you reach your goals.


Result Management

Result management is more than just storing data. It is the process of making that data accessible, secure and presentable. Access and analyse your data with our online tools.


Education and Courses

We offer software courses in NI official software, our LabVIEW add-on G# and QRM (our result management software). We can teach courses at our offices or at your site.


Support and Pricing

We offer software support agreements for all of our systems. Simplify your maintenance time and get support directly from the architect of your system. View the pricing models for our systems.